• trends & colours Christmas around the corner: original gifts & more

    Binging on a budget? We’ve got you covered. During a season where overdoing it seems to be the norm, we’re happy to take it down to a focused shopping spree. No more impulse buys and no more throwaway gifts. The only thing on your list will be a selection of sustainable gifts that will bring a smile to anyone’s face. And to help you out, we’re taking prices down, too.  Lastly, we’re hoping to inspire you with a dash of color.

    Trends & colors

    What is one of the key elements defining trends? Color! Following the fashion industry by putting their leftovers to good use, we have a varied and colorful selection of upcycled products on offer. We now ask all trendsetters and inspirationals to make themselves known: what color(s) are you looking for? Which color(s) would make for the best styling? If you can’t find it online, feel free to send us an email with a sample color (Pantone, Flexa or other brand) and we’ll find you a good match.
    Need some inspiration? Check this colorful selection to get you started:
    trends & colours

    Inspiration through Instagram

    Instagram, how we love you! We keep finding new gems when it comes to wonderful, sustainable and affordable presents. Since December is mostly about dinners and spending time with friends and family, we’re happy to give your search for the best presents a boost by offering discounts on our full table collection. This includes placemats and ceramics (15% to 20% off when ordering 4 to 8 or more in the same color).

    table collection

    Unique gifts for everyone

    The hardest things about gifting gifts:

    1. finding something for someone who already has everything
    2. making the one getting the gifts feel extra special
    3. gifting something no-one else can buy

    Our selection has solutions to each of these. Check out our items, samples and discontinued collections with ceramics, leather purses and bags, and unique rugs. Your own unique gift is only a few clicks away! Looking for something extra special? Let us know what you’re looking for (what style, color, etc.) and we’ll help you find something good.


  • plan-b Recycle, reduce, reuse – it all comes back full circle

    In the three R’s of waste management, there is a hierarchy from reducing to reusing and recycling. We’d like to add upcycling to this list as well and invite you to share your ideas, styles, and inspiration with us. And speaking of upcycling: have you met our cardigans yet?

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  • eco soft Very vintage, back to school & consciousness for little ones

    We love you! Do you love yourself too? If not, we are here to change that. Improved self-care and doing some responsible shopping will make you about twenty rainbow shades happier. We’d like to pay some attention to the little ones too: let’s have them start out the colder season with soft, eco-friendly accessories and clothing. Finally, we’ll fight the upcoming winter blues with 15% off storage items.

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  • Rainbow room Stripes & rainbows & summer style

    Summer’s almost here and we can’t wait! We’ll tell you more about our flip-flop adventure plans in a little bit – let’s start with stripes and rainbows that make for a fresh new look that lasts all summer.

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  • Plaids &Throws For the love of pink & blankets

    The Dutch have a saying that loosely translates to ‘April does whatever it wants’. With temperatures in Amsterdam recently dropping and sudden hail storms making their appearance, we’ve had our fair share of April surprises. Now, with temperatures finally on the rise, we decided to play it safe. Focusing on our selection of comfortable blankets, we also take out a selection of brand new pink’s. We are officially ready to face any kind of weather! Continue Reading

  • Plan B Showroom, Plan B & spring color celebrations

    Spring is no longer around the corner – it has opened the door and came blooming in. We celebrate this spring with coral tones. On top of these unique spring colors, we bring you our plans for a showroom and our wonderful Plan B to do more for our planet. And when it comes to Plan B, you can help, too!

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  • New colours Winter into spring

    We’re warming up for the spring once more! Our way of preparing for a new season includes bringing in new colors and thinking of ways to improve our sustainability.

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  • woven beauties Winter warm ups: from woven beauties to magnificent mittens

    If  you make sure you’re all warmed up for the winter, you might actually warm up to the idea of winter. We want you to enjoy every season, which is why our winter collection will help you through the coldest days. Winter is here, so you might as well feel good about it!

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  • Feliz Natal How to add to sustainable living – our mission explained

    At Naco, we care about our products as much as we care about the planet. Or, if you were to phrase it differently: we care about people. To us, caring for our planet means giving our and many generations to come a chance to keep living a happy life on it. With New Year’s around the corner, we’re happy to share our outlook on planet and people care. Continue Reading

  • Foodies Fine vintage & 5 more gift ideas

    The holidays are here! Well, at least almost… and we’ve already collected the best gift ideas throughout the year. We now proudly present fine vintage & 5 more gift ideas to make shopping for Christmas a breeze.

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