• coral tones Showroom, Plan B & spring color celebrations

    Spring is no longer around the corner – it has opened the door and came blooming in. We celebrate this spring with coral tones. On top of these unique spring colors, we bring you our plans for a showroom and our wonderful Plan B to do more for our planet. And when it comes to Plan B, you can help, too!

    Showroom – Cash & Carry

    A lot of our customers ask us about a showroom. While select retailers already carry our products, we are an online shop. Still, we understand the need to feel our soft fabric and fall in love with our collection on the spot. That’s why we decided to open up – not on paper – literally! Starting May 25th, feel free to stop by our studio in Amsterdam. Bring your color swatches if you have them, and go hunt for treasures for your home.

    show roomLocation: Nieuwpoortkade 2a, 1055RX Amsterdam

    You can reach us by bike or public transfer, or take your car to Amsterdam. There are (paid) parking facilities near the studio.



    Plan B

    Last month, we announced our addition to No Waste: Plan B. Plan B is our aim to sell products with ‘defects’ at 70% lower than our other products, to give them a chance too. Most of the defects are color imperfections – using recycled materials for the production of our rugs, divergent coloring does sometimes occur.

    Now, in addition to the discount, we would like to offer you some ideas on how to use those color mismatches to your advantage. Since the rugs themselves still have the same high quality as any of the other rugs in the Naco collection, here’s a short list of what to do with them (and get the most out of your purchase):

    • Dye them shibori-style for a trendy new look or re-dye in any color that fits your room/style;
    • For creatives: create your own patchwork rug by clipping and re-stitching;
    • Art room fans: would you like a fancy rug but you’re hesitant to use it in your workshop? With 70% off and a little off color, you don’t need to worry about paint splotches;

    What would you do with your unique Plan B rug?

    Plan B

    Corals in the picture

    Our spring colors this year revolve around coral: as lively and uplifting as the season itself. Take your pick from our selection in turquoise, coral, papaya, peach and mint. As an added bonus there is a 50% discount on spring colored rugs until we run out. Spring discount starts at 25th of March!!!

    coral tones

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  • Summer break

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