Choose comfort, add closeness

During the pandemic, you may feel hopeless, sad, or forlorn. We can’t deny its impact, but we can change what unites us in times of extra distance between us and our loved ones. How? We start with ourselves. After all, aircraft staff always reminds passengers to “secure their own mask first” before helping others — because there is so much more we can give if we take care of ourselves first. To aid you in finding comfort, we’ve added some items and tips that will get you through these fall and winter months.  


A comfortable cocoon

While summer begs us to go outside, we tend to spend more time indoors during the cooler months. However healthy going outside still is, we can still create a home environment in which we feel safe and protected to offset the harshness of the cold weather. Softness is key, so be sure to check our the small soft decor collection and take the time to upgrade your style and softness this season. Create comfort in each room, and check-in with family members and friends online from the safety of your new cocoon. Remember: it will be spring again one day, and we can still appreciate the merits of fall and winter while we wait.

Styling rice wool baby blanket ecru
For a little extra self-care, we’ve stocked up on feel-good products. Better for the environment, better for you. (They also make for wonderful (surprise) gifts!)

beauty and fragrance spa and soap

Closeness in different ways

Did you know that when we touch a tree’s bark, it gives us the same endorphins as skin-to-skin contact? And even if you don’t feel like hugging a tree (or feel awkward about “patting” one), being in nature does something to us. Combine this with your well-needed portion of Vitamin D and give yourself an excuse to — safely — be in nature each and every day. Out in the open, it’s also safer to meet up with a loved one and, at a safe distance, explore nature together while catching up.

Bringing the little ones? Then be sure to check our selection of woolen cardigans and hats, and bring home some fall memories (like nuts, or pretty-colored leafs for a herbarium) in one of our stylish wool shoppers or crochet wool bags (don’t forget to bring your mittens here, too).