Very vintage, back to school & consciousness for little ones

We love you! Do you love yourself too? If not, we are here to change that. Improved self-care and doing some responsible shopping will make you about twenty rainbow shades happier. We’d like to pay some attention to the little ones too: let’s have them start out the colder season with soft, eco-friendly accessories and clothing. Finally, we’ll fight the upcoming winter blues with 15% off storage items.


Very vintage: new styles in personal care

Taking care of yourself is underestimated. How often do we work those extra hours, take up some extra responsibilities and spend more time on our phones than with our family? Let’s re-introduce you-time. Being there for others starts with self-care, and self-care starts with you. Our new personal care items (with their amazing vintage packaging) work wonders as presents to others. But who says you don’t deserve a present too?

Be sure to check our our full selection, including the new deodorant cream by Couto, and to new soaps: lavender and esfoliante.


vintage care

Eco softness for little ones

We can’t help but start with a cliché: they grow so fast. But let’s make sure that even the first few months (and years) they feel nothing but love. Our selection for babies and kids has everything from warm, soft house shoes to comfortable blankets and jackets. Check out our full selection below.


eco soft

How wabi-sabi and Plan B come together

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it until we stop upcycling (fair warning: we’re not at all planning to): make sure to always browse through or Plan B section. Why is this so important? Simply put: we need more people to care about what happens to the things we usually throw out. Normally, using whatever fabric is leftover from the fashion industry, we create our rugs, baskets, clothes and other items. This helps save the fabrics from a trip to the trash. But when working with scraps, oftentimes you have to deal with imperfections too. In the spirit of wabi-sabi (and to help save the world by wasting less) we store all these items under Plan B. They’re not perfect. But they all need a loving home.

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Fighting winter blues with baskets (it works, we’ve done tests)

Sure, you can’t just stuff your fall and winter blues in handy little baskets and be done with them; gloomy weather usually begets a gloomy mood. But getting organized with 15% off our hand made baskets and other storage items could give you the same accomplished feeling as a thorough spring cleaning. We recommend wearing pink sunglasses while putting away your scarves, gloves and mittens (really, it helps).