All I see is summer

View the world through rose-colored glasses… or better yet, grab a proverbial pair of magic sunglasses to see the summer sky even when there are only thunderclouds ahead! Naco helps you along the way by coloring your world in the perfect summer style. By the way: have you planned your first trip to the nearest beach yet? We have some nice additions to make it a summer success!


Secure your summer

Choose light, super-soft, comfy and beautiful thin plaids and bath towels for simmering summer evenings. You don’t need much — just enough to be able to sit outside for a little bit longer. One more drink? Sure! All the nights seem not to end and we all know that’s how we like it. Let’s turn this into a summer of nights outside, counting stars after the sun has finally set.

styling summer plaids_liz ecru & nouveau powder roze

The best buzz is slightly electric

From fireflies to crickets and from heat waves to butterflies: our best summers are electric. Capturing the best of the summer buzz are the new electric pastels, Pantone color trend we didn’t even know we were waiting for (that is, until it showed up).

Find perfect pastels in our new electric collection. Which color will be your new favorite?

Blog June 2022

Bring it! – beach style

From flip-flops and sandals to bath towels and shoppers to hold your sunscreen and other necessities: Naco has a full beach-ready assortment. This summer, we’d like to highlight our zigzag hammam towels, made with hydrophilic organic cotton and available in five different colors. Light, absorbent and quick to dry: this is your new summer must-have!

Our pro-tip for a day at the beach: wind down at home, wash off the sand, and indulge in a homemade spa experience. Check out our spa soaps with the moisturizing qualities you need after a day in the summer sun.

styling summer vibes_red