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We don’t really know what this year’s summer will bring — rain, heat, both? Still, we packed our bags and will be out of the office from July 12th until August 10th, 2021 to celebrate our Naco summer.  Ironically, this gives you the best chances of scoring more sustainable items than ever! We’ll tell you why…


Patience is a virtue

We rave about slowing down, sustainable living — and we know that patience is a virtue! In practical terms: while we’re out of office, we don’t send out any of your orders. Placing an order on July 10th or later means your items will be sent out in the second week of August. To show our appreciation and to reward your patience in this, you will receive a 50% discount on almost all of our Naco collections.

Summer 2021Ocean eyes

Billy Eilish sang about it, we give it our own spin: eyes that reflect an ocean. This summer, we aim to visit the beach more often and we advise you to do the same if you can! The beach has something magical, especially when you don’t see it yet. The last part of a beach trip journey in the Netherlands is when you climb that last dune and… the sand and endless water spread out all the way to the horizon. You feel the soft sand under your feet after taking off your sandals, feel the sun heating up, smell the salty water from a distance — this is summer!

To further inspire you on anything blue and ocean: check out both our ocean-colored items and our collection of sandals — beach ready when you’re ready!

Stay connected to Naco!

We’d love to stay connected even during the summer – so feel free to join our adventures on Instagram and Pinterest! We’ll try to make our updates as sunny and inspirational as we feel while on our trip.

Bonus: once the summer comes to an end, we will keep you inspired and updated on maintaining a sustainable lifestyle — in the best style possible.