March your way into spring days

A time of new beginnings — right now, we need spring more than ever. Let’s march right into it (pun intended) and let’s get ready for April & May, before we look ahead towards the longest day of the year (June 21st, solstice). This spring, we’re ready to jump* into sunshine and happiness!


Let’s go outside!

Adults should play more. It’s a fact that children learn through play — and so do adults, if they let themselves indulge in it. Working from home? Take breaks during sunny spring days. Use your (neighbor’s) kid’s sidewalk chalk to create a challenging obstacle course and hop like a bunny, balance while following a winding line, or make it extra adventurous by adding a ‘sprint back to the beginning’ at the end. Back home, finish your break by sitting down with a good book. Ten minutes of reading (for example, when you’re having your lunch), calm your body and help you regain focus.

How does Naco help with this? By perfecting your ‘relax zone’ for reading, of course (see our comfortable pillow covers, for example)!
Don’t forget to check out our selection of baskets and shoppers – perfect for safe sidewalk chalk storage.



Soft steps for the little ones

Urban sheep fur mules in gray, choc or mocca? Suède sheepfur babouches? Keep those little feet enclosed in softness as they warm up for spring adventures. Our selection of small clothing and footwear will help keep them cozy on days where spring seems to have changed its mind and the last bit of fall temporarily returns. Getting warm? Keep them close for colder days or store them for the winter — although we see a lot of mules and babouches being worn well into spring, as temperatures vary.



Spring break – zen style

Our selection small soft decor has just the right amount of softness to keep warm on colder spring days. In 3 steps, we use one of the rugs to have you experience a real spring morning. All you need is a bit of sunshine.

  1. Move one of your cotton rugs to a sunny spot (bonus: if it’s warmer, open the door and let the spring breeze in);
  2. Step onto the rug (barefoot);
  3. Focus on your breathing and slowly bring your attention to the softness of the rug, the comfortable warmth of the sun-rays reaching your feet.

Try and start your day with this small spring moment.




* Fun fact: ‘spring’ is the Dutch word for ‘jump’. When a bilingual (NL & EN) person hears ‘spring is in the air’, they could interpret this as ‘jump into the air’. Seeing as we’re based in Amsterdam, it’s why we feel it’s appropriate to jump into spring like a happy little lamb would. It’s simply the Dutch ‘spring’ forcing us to!