How to add to sustainable living – our mission explained

At Naco, we care about our products as much as we care about the planet. Or, if you were to phrase it differently: we care about people. To us, caring for our planet means giving our and many generations to come a chance to keep living a happy life on it. With New Year’s around the corner, we’re happy to share our outlook on planet and people care.Honoring local traditions and communities

Our full collection of rugs and baskets is manufactured in small workshops. The wonderful team consists of hard-working women who work as farmers and/or take care of both the children and the elderly within their family and more often than not within their community in general.


Within their own community, they divide up all the work. Their family and farm always come first. But these women have learned the traditional ways of weaving and craftsmanship and basically do the work as a way of honoring these traditions – you could call it a hobby, except they get paid a fair amount of money for the beautiful work they do. This then translates into us sponsoring their wonderful traditions, the women putting their time and love into the work, and you as a Naco fan to experience the result of rich traditions like theirs.

Less waste, more beauty

With our ceramics, we take our mission for a better planet a bit further. We optimize the use of raw materials on a no waste principle. In practice, this means recycling whatever waste we do have to create new materials that we can still use. The very same goes for a lot of our other products where we try to work with fabrics that are considered ‘waste’ of the fashion industry. By breathing new life into all the fabrics that would otherwise end up in landfills, we try to do go from less waste to more beauty.

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Why we share what we do

We are proud in offering beautiful products for every household, from rugs to ceramics to cutlery and baby gifts. There is no need to ‘brag’ about the sustainability about our products. Or is there?

What we have found, is that whenever you openly produce in a more sustainable way, this can and will inspire others to think about their impact on the planet. In turn, they will try and improve their processes to either produce less waste or make sure their workers get a reasonable pay. More and more companies talk about their renewed mission. We are proud to be part of this change we see, and we hope it will grow and spread green thoughts around the globe, both in companies and individuals.

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What can you do?

You are already supporting us in reading this and using our and/or other products with a fair (trade) backstory. Turning yourself into a conscious consumer helps immensely. Buy less, live more. The winter season is all about connecting with your loved ones and enjoying life. Realizing presents are a by-product will make for a sustainable season where you choose quality over quantity.

Do you have more ideas on sustainability? Can we improve even further? Let us know!