Winter into spring

We’re warming up for the spring once more! Our way of preparing for a new season includes bringing in new colors and thinking of ways to improve our sustainability.

New limited colors

With the new season, new colours are coming in as well. These include limited edition colours in bathmats & rugs. Check out the image below and be among the first to get your hands on our new colours and styles.
New colours

Spring cleaning

We already started cleaning during the winter and made room for the new spring collection. Now, we are continuing our cleaning session by a discount on baby articles. Use it to your advantage by stocking up on baby gifts, such as woolen house shoes, tiny coats or useful baskets. They always come in handy if you need a gift without time to shop!

baskets sale

Our addition to No Waste

One aspect of our No Waste policy is our Plan B. With Plan B, we aim to sell products with defects at a discount up to 70%. This will give them a shot at a new life. Of course, we always mention if a product is part of Plan B and/or has a loose thread, is discolored or in another way not as perfect as we want our products to be. With us, you always know what you buy.
Then some good news: the fashion industry keeps improving their efficiency when it comes to the materials they use. This means less waste. To us, this means finding new ways to get our materials, since we used the waste of clothing manufacturers to create our baskets and rugs. Currently, we’re looking for new up-cycling possibilities and finding ways to get more raw materials to re-use. Feel free to contact us with any innovative ideas you might have; we can always improve on durability!