15 gift ideas for the season

‘t is (almost) the season, and at Naco, we thought it’d be a good time to reach out and help. With what, you ask? Well, we don’t know about you, but we struggle to find the perfect gifts for loved ones. Ideas aplenty, but how to organize them and get to the real action of ordering? We’re happy to help!

5 gift ideas under € 25

1. Sandals or flip-flops – wear them as comfortable house shoes all winter, take them outside at the first glimpses of spring (or safely wait until it’s summer). Check your size for these or other flip-flops.
2. Perfect pottery for every table: check our small- to large-sized bowls and plates like this hand-painted one.
3. A great plan for the planet: a Plan B rug from recycled cotton. Ideal for bathrooms, halls and kitchens, and a great eye-catcher for bedrooms, too.
4. Do more with dining: our full selection under Dining includes more than just the bowls, plates and silverware. Our full selection is also full of gift inspiration.
5. Find smaller and larger gifts under beauty and fragrances for a sensibly scented gift that feels like a luxury.

15 gift ideas

5 gift ideas for loved ones (max. € 75)

1. In Dutch, “kussen” is both a noun (pillow) and a verb: “kissing”. It makes sense to showcase our pillowcases to make for a perfect gift, like this one one romantic rose.
2. Combine products like toothpaste or spa soap with a luxurious hammam towel, like the zigzag chillipepper.
3. The baskets are back (gift idea: nordic ecru crochet woolen basket) check our larger basket here. Our top tip: the stripy one.
4. Small to large footwear, softness galore: find soft fur babouches and more under Small Clothing & Footwear.
5. A world of love in a glove: check out the Naco mittens collection for a present in sheep fur or suede.

5 gifts for extra special occasions

You would consider these 10 ideas for when this year is extra special… and you want to surprise someone with a gift they’ll remember for years to come! Durability

1. Wonderful wool: from large to extra large throws. They say love gives you a fuzzy and warm feeling inside, these throws will envelop you in it.
3. A classic design with plenty of room for all you love: the Arab crochet woolen bag is a classic for a reason.
4. Gift for the little one(s) or expecting parents? Be sure to check under Cardigans & Clothing.
5. Fantastic rugs for every floor: bring some more softness into someone’s world with one of our classic rugs.

we're throwing in more throws!

3 bonus ideas for holiday gifts

1. Check out our New Arrivals for inspiration
2. Extra durable, extra love under Plan B products and deadstock 
3. Final chance options? Find them under Sale