Recycle, reduce, reuse – it all comes back full circle

In the three R’s of waste management, there is a hierarchy from reducing to reusing and recycling. We’d like to add upcycling to this list as well and invite you to share your ideas, styles, and inspiration with us. And speaking of upcycling: have you met our cardigans yet?


Soft and strong: upcycled cardigans

If you’ve followed us for a while, you already know about our rugs and storage collection of upcycled products. However, we haven’t given our cardigans the spotlights yet. Made from recycled thread, they are strong & durable, and also soft & cozy. Our full collection of cardigans in nature hues has been upcycled, while the other part of the selection is made from merino wool.

Check out our full collection here:

knitted woolen cardigans


Reduce: shop slow & conscious

Another pillar in our path to more sustainability is reduction. Our interpretation: reduce, slow down, be conscious of what you do, and – most importantly – pay attention to the quality and quantity of what you buy. We don’t fare well on too much junk food, nor does our planet fare well on junk purchases.

Our collections have therefore been carefully selected, developed and produced with sustainable materials to last a lifetime. Use and reuse all of the durable items throughout your life, swap accessories with family and friends if you need a fresh new take on things, and enjoy a reduced lifestyle without compromising on things that make our hearts sing. We aim for timeless designs to be able to always keep up with whatever life has in store for us.

Still looking for something new? Aim for more quality, not quantity. Just a few new accessories go a long way in helping you restyle your home or office.



What’s your style?

We often share ideas and inspiration about recycling and upcycling and our Plan B collection; inspired on a circular way of life. But we need more! And between finding new fabrics and designing new favorites, we cannot do it all by ourselves. This is why we need your help. Have you ever done a make-over for a room using just a few accessories? Did you use a rug, basket or other item in a clever styling solution? Have you found new ways to use old materials? In other words: what is your recycle, upcycle or Plan B collection? We’d love to hear (and see!) from you.