The New Nomad & white and bright & handmade card collection

A bright season calls for bright colors… or simply the sum of all colors: white! We also discuss The New Nomad and give you a sneak preview of our latest handmade collection: cards to send out to your loved ones!


Wonderful white

We’ve already said it: we love white for many reasons. What’s yours? Check our white collection of sustainable items for every room in the house to brighten up your style.

styling star bathmat white



New Nomads: Leave only footprints – or less

We love the lifestyle of (digital) nomads these days: focus on what’s important, travel slow, and leave only positive things behind. But how do new nomads live? While the traditional nomad simply traveled the globe, worked whenever, and tried to live ‘an easy life’ with less possessions, we now face more options — and more responsibility.

Possessing less means less clutter and less negative impact. But traveling more could mean more carbon dioxide to offset. The trick is to balance these in the same way you would your work and the necessity to eat, drink, and have someplace to sleep.

  1. Create your own new nomad utopian lifestyle. No ifs or buts. Just create your dream life.
  2. Take all the beauty from (1) and make plans to offset any footprints you may leave behind.
  3. Talk, plan, and take a leap — maybe for a set time, like a year, or for ‘however long it works’.

Would you want to live a New Nomad Life? Do you implement (some of) this lifestyle? We’d love to know!

Meanwhile, we try to party live like nomads by requiring little space for storage, only create what we love (and put all our passion into it), add Plan B for all our items, and inspire you and others with sustainable living — whether home or while traveling.