Minimalistic Wool & Classic Neutrals

Did you know archaeologists have found evidence of rugs in Egyptian and Mesopotamian tombs? The tradition of rugs dates back over 4,000 years. One of the oldest surviving woven rugs dates back to 500 B.C. and was found in modern-day Iran. At naco, we are proud to be part of an age-old crafts(wo)manship, hoping to inspire you to take care of your rugs in such a way you can enjoy them for decades (or thousands of years?) to come. Today, we’re sharing our favorites, adding a touch of wholesome wool to keep you warm.

Neutrality in Sustainable Rugs

Why do people walk in circles instead of squares? Because they are cutting corners.
All kidding aside, there were no corners cut on our Quadro square model rugs — if anything, we took extra care to make these sustainable additions to your home worth your while. Color schemes vary from light grey, white, and off-white to linen and anthracite. Pick your favorite and choose between rugs (150/200 or 70/140) or bath mats (50/100). Or… both? We won’t judge!

Nordic wool: Another Minimalistic Model

We promised a touch of wholesome wool, and we aim to deliver. Our neutral wool combines effortlessly with bold, more outspoken accessories. Be sure to check our our selection with merino wool as well!


Coral Collabs

Our coral rugs, plaids, and blankets are the coziest additions you’ll come across. Their organic shapes and neutral off-white hue make them suitable for every room, no matter what style you’re going for. One of our favorites is this heavy, comfortable blanket that will be your go-to for a night in or a moment of zen & self-care (oh, maybe that works well with our  vintage self-care collection? Just adding it in!

Since these styles go with almost anything, it makes sense to have a collection to decorate bedrooms, to bathrooms, to living rooms, to… we’ll let you decide.