More (at) home, more zen

Designing your home to be a safe space has become more important than ever. We’ve gathered the best items in our collections to make sure you have everything you need to feel at home the way you need to feel at home right now.


Push plush

More softness, more comfort. Choose rugs that match your room to create a calm environment, or go bold in colours that stand out, allowing a bit more energy to seep in. While wool rugs ask for a bit more maintenance, having some added routine task of taking care of your home could add to appreciating it more.

But don’t stop at the floor. Push more plush (pillows, blankets & more) for your couch, maybe even window sill, to create attractiveness, meditation or reflection areas.

Look inspiration with Naco!

styling bold in colours

Earth tones & natural, light fabrics

Soft tones, such as shades of beige, grey, or white, induce more relaxation and calmness. Not sure what colors match your home? Create a mood board to try out different combinations and styles. It might be time for a change. While incorporating new styles, try this pro tip: be sure to take your natural light into account for each room. Some styles look amazing on a mood board simply because a dreamy (stock photo) backdrop makes it so. Try to really see what something would look like in your home.


styling ecru & off-white


Check your rooms and gather information about how you use each space. Do you, for example, get thirsty after going to bed? Pick nice cups to brighten up your nightstand and always have a cup ready to fill up with some water. It’s not just about accessorizing — it’s about creating comfort and always having whatever you need at hand. The same cup could do a great job as an accessory on your kitchen counter, together with a fruit bowl, reminding you to replenish each time you pass them.

In a nutshell: when you know your space use and (want-to-have) habits, you can decorate to each occasion. Function meets style!

styling tableware ceramic


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