The best blues & candy hues

Didn’t spring just arrive? Yes, admittedly, it did. But, having had some perfectly sunny days already, we’re excited for summer! Time to brighten up our days, moods, and homes with sunny new arrivals (such as diamond pastel yellow, diamond old blue, and storage baskets), bright & bold colors in candy hues, and the best blues we have on offer. Or how about our special sale selection, including Plan B products? Read on to discover how they can actually help both your wallet and our planet – a win-win for your mood, too. 


Bright & bold: candy fabrics

Not to be taken literally, since we don’t mean ‘made out of candy’ — although candy hues to work up our appetites for more fabrics — candy fabrics include summer-made colors for light and bubbly materials. This summer, go all wild, all bright, and dare to be bold with pillow covers, rugs and rainbow basket (while supplies last). Check out our ‘delicious’ selection below and discover why candy hues add a little happiness to each room.

Styling baby candy crush pink

Blue for you

Why do jeans go with everything? Because they do, or at least — that’s how we feel. That’s why we make room for blue; the blue summer skies, pristine blue lakes inviting you to dive in during a hot summer day… well, you get the picture. Check out every blue hue (from baby to navy) we’ve handpicked for you:

styling different blues

Final chances: our sale selection

We regularly update our sale selection, a selection that includes our special Plan B products. We’ve talked about them before, but to freshen your memory: Plan B is our aim to sell ‘imperfect’ products, pricing them up to 70% lower than our other products. Most of the ‘defects’ in these products are color imperfections – using recycled materials for the production of our rugs, divergent coloring does sometimes occur. Among ourselves, we prefer calling it our creative selection… but feel free to judge for yourselves!

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