• More circular & cruelty-free products for all

    Let’s keep a green circle rolling: more circular and cruelty-free products for all! At Naco, we already aim for less waste & more quality, to which we’ve added our selection of Plan B products in previous years. We’d like to take it a step further and expand by adding deadstock. Not sure what deadstock is? Let’s get you up to (green) speed — and also share some tips on how to enjoy your Naco products even longer!


    Dead stock? Let’s keep it alive! Deadstock is what we call products that have not been sold. They’re brand new, they look and feel amazing — the demand just wasn’t there when the products were placed online or at the store. Usually, you could recycle these products. Even better? Putting deadstock up for sale to give the products – and customers – another chance. This second chance means less waste. It also means that, since there is no need to recycle the products, there is no recycling process, no extra water or product waste… win-win-win.
    While we agree that deadstock doesn’t have the nicest ring to it, we promise the products that fall under the name are excellent. We’ve selected exclusive items with a vintage look and premium materials, like a 100% cruelty-free wool. Add some throws, blankets and bedspreads to the mix and there you have it: the exclusive Naco deadstock selection (soon available at the shop).
    styling chair vintage wool plaids
    A few notes:
    • Deadstock = exclusive and one-off. Once sold, it’s sold, and we’re sold out on that particular product.
    • New stock every month – stay tuned if you’re looking for something specific that you haven’t found yet. Or come back every month to be inspired. 🙂

    How to… wash your cotton rugs

    One of the frequently asked questions we get is about how to enjoy products even longer. The fact that we offer high-quality only helps, but still: every product needs a good deal of TLC.
    Our cotton rugs are usually too large to simply put in your standard washing machine. While they are made up of the same material as shirts and hoodies, their volume, size and weight ask for a different way of cleaning. Industrial washing machines might fit the rugs, and this would be a good option for some thorough cleaning. However, keeping them clean and tidy by vacuuming on a regular basis, or simply shaking it out or using a rug or carpet beater, should also do the trick. Try cleaning small stains by hand, using mostly water and some (green) soap.
    Confident you can keep your rugs in good shape? Check out our selection of rugs to add to any room.
    wash instructions

    Share your green

    How do you invest in green? Do you have any tips on how to keep your rugs and other products in tip-top shape? Inspire others to “green up” their life and share your ideas!

  • Summer 2021 Vacation perks & adventures

    We don’t really know what this year’s summer will bring — rain, heat, both? Still, we packed our bags and will be out of the office from July 12th until August 10th, 2021 to celebrate our Naco summer.  Ironically, this gives you the best chances of scoring more sustainable items than ever! We’ll tell you why…


    Patience is a virtue

    We rave about slowing down, sustainable living — and we know that patience is a virtue! In practical terms: while we’re out of office, we don’t send out any of your orders. Placing an order on July 10th or later means your items will be sent out in the second week of August. To show our appreciation and to reward your patience in this, you will receive a 50% discount on almost all of our Naco collections.

    Summer 2021Ocean eyes

    Billy Eilish sang about it, we give it our own spin: eyes that reflect an ocean. This summer, we aim to visit the beach more often and we advise you to do the same if you can! The beach has something magical, especially when you don’t see it yet. The last part of a beach trip journey in the Netherlands is when you climb that last dune and… the sand and endless water spread out all the way to the horizon. You feel the soft sand under your feet after taking off your sandals, feel the sun heating up, smell the salty water from a distance — this is summer!

    To further inspire you on anything blue and ocean: check out both our ocean-colored items and our collection of sandals — beach ready when you’re ready!

    Stay connected to Naco!

    We’d love to stay connected even during the summer – so feel free to join our adventures on Instagram and Pinterest! We’ll try to make our updates as sunny and inspirational as we feel while on our trip.

    Bonus: once the summer comes to an end, we will keep you inspired and updated on maintaining a sustainable lifestyle — in the best style possible.

  • styling sunflower yellow rug You best summer yet – Naco style!

    The sun is out – most days, at least – and it does a lot to raise our spirits! We imagine al fresco dining during endless summer nights, our cheeks warm & rosy… and for those not-so-sunny days, we’ll take it upon ourselves to create some inside summer vibes. Let’s turn this into our best summer yet!  Continue Reading

  • Styling candy crush The best blues & candy hues

    Didn’t spring just arrive? Yes, admittedly, it did. But, having had some perfectly sunny days already, we’re excited for summer! Time to brighten up our days, moods, and homes with sunny new arrivals (such as diamond pastel yellow, diamond old blue, and storage baskets), bright & bold colors in candy hues, and the best blues we have on offer. Or how about our special sale selection, including Plan B products? Read on to discover how they can actually help both your wallet and our planet – a win-win for your mood, too. 

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  • Blog_sunrays March your way into spring days

    A time of new beginnings — right now, we need spring more than ever. Let’s march right into it (pun intended) and let’s get ready for April & May, before we look ahead towards the longest day of the year (June 21st, solstice). This spring, we’re ready to jump* into sunshine and happiness!


    Let’s go outside!

    Adults should play more. It’s a fact that children learn through play — and so do adults, if they let themselves indulge in it. Working from home? Take breaks during sunny spring days. Use your (neighbor’s) kid’s sidewalk chalk to create a challenging obstacle course and hop like a bunny, balance while following a winding line, or make it extra adventurous by adding a ‘sprint back to the beginning’ at the end. Back home, finish your break by sitting down with a good book. Ten minutes of reading (for example, when you’re having your lunch), calm your body and help you regain focus.

    How does Naco help with this? By perfecting your ‘relax zone’ for reading, of course (see our comfortable pillow covers, for example)!
    Don’t forget to check out our selection of baskets and shoppers – perfect for safe sidewalk chalk storage.



    Soft steps for the little ones

    Urban sheep fur mules in gray, choc or mocca? Suède sheepfur babouches? Keep those little feet enclosed in softness as they warm up for spring adventures. Our selection of small clothing and footwear will help keep them cozy on days where spring seems to have changed its mind and the last bit of fall temporarily returns. Getting warm? Keep them close for colder days or store them for the winter — although we see a lot of mules and babouches being worn well into spring, as temperatures vary.



    Spring break – zen style

    Our selection small soft decor has just the right amount of softness to keep warm on colder spring days. In 3 steps, we use one of the rugs to have you experience a real spring morning. All you need is a bit of sunshine.

    1. Move one of your cotton rugs to a sunny spot (bonus: if it’s warmer, open the door and let the spring breeze in);
    2. Step onto the rug (barefoot);
    3. Focus on your breathing and slowly bring your attention to the softness of the rug, the comfortable warmth of the sun-rays reaching your feet.

    Try and start your day with this small spring moment.




    * Fun fact: ‘spring’ is the Dutch word for ‘jump’. When a bilingual (NL & EN) person hears ‘spring is in the air’, they could interpret this as ‘jump into the air’. Seeing as we’re based in Amsterdam, it’s why we feel it’s appropriate to jump into spring like a happy little lamb would. It’s simply the Dutch ‘spring’ forcing us to!

  • Bold in colours More (at) home, more zen

    Designing your home to be a safe space has become more important than ever. We’ve gathered the best items in our collections to make sure you have everything you need to feel at home the way you need to feel at home right now.

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  • dinner plate powder rose mat ceramic xlarge A very merry and memorable Christmas in 2020

    This year’s Christmas… we want to make it a beautiful one, despite (or because of) everything that’s been going on this year. And whether we celebrate Christmas or any other holiday with a few friends or just a small selection of (video calling) family members: we can certainly make it memorable for everyone. (We also highly recommend reading our tips while listening to your favorite Holiday tunes.)


    Creating a Christmas table setting

    Setting a festive Christmas table will go a long way to setting the right mood. Even if it’s just for yourself or a few close friends or relatives, treat yourself to a little luxury. In the US, Thanksgiving precedes Christmas. Other countries may not have that tradition, but we could take some of the Thanksgiving spirit for Christmas as well. Take a moment to think about the good things in your life. Talk about them with others. What are you thankful for? Thinking and talking this over will make you feel more optimistic and it will also make you look out for other things in life to appreciate — such as the wonderful Christmas table you’ve set up.

    Five helpful tips for your festive table setting:

    1. Choose your colors
      Specify the 1-3 colors you will use for the table, such as green/red, silver/blue, all-white, or black/white. This will prevent “going wild” buying all kinds of wonderful accessories — stick to your color scheme to set your mood and your ensemble will be more coherent.
    2. Use fresh pine for decoration
      No matter what color scheme you’ve chosen, you can add some fresh pine for its texture and scent.
    3. Replace napkins with tea or dishtowels
      They make wonderful replacements, are sturdier and bigger. Bonus: you can wash them afterward and use them again next year, meaning you don’t have to throw out paper napkins. Win-win!
    4. Have the plates match – or not at all
      All the same, sturdy and durable plates for everyone — or a creative mismatch of different sizes and shapes? Mismatches work well with color schemes that are low in color (i.e. all white or all green). If you’ve decorated with up to 3 colors, bring some calm to the table by matching your plates and silverware.
    5. Treat yourself to something new
      Make it something durable and enjoy it for years to come. Plates, silverware, table runners, bowls… have them match your color scheme and/or theme for the table to dot the i’s.

    table talk

    Thoughtful Christmas gifts

    Exchanging gifts can be one of the highlights of Christmases. However, we do want to be mindful of the environment.

    Take extra care to find something special for your loved ones. We have a wonderful selection of accessories, upcycled home decor, and our special Plan B selection. Want to show someone special you care? Surprise them with a gift from our vintage personal care collection.

    Men care 2020

  • Styling rice wool baby blanket ecru Choose comfort, add closeness

    During the pandemic, you may feel hopeless, sad, or forlorn. We can’t deny its impact, but we can change what unites us in times of extra distance between us and our loved ones. How? We start with ourselves. After all, aircraft staff always reminds passengers to “secure their own mask first” before helping others — because there is so much more we can give if we take care of ourselves first. To aid you in finding comfort, we’ve added some items and tips that will get you through these fall and winter months.   Continue Reading

  • styling booties 2020 Trends & styles from Europe

    Where some hold on to hopes of an Indian Summer, others look forward to the colder months of the winter. We’re a bit torn; while we love the heat of the summer (at least to some extent), when it’s over, we long for the copper colors of the fall as much as we wish for snow. We’re not saying that we feel this way because we love the wool selection and our booties so much — okay, maybe we are. Add in the big wool bags trend we’ve spotted and the winter got us hooked before it even got started. It’s not us, it’s our products…

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  • trends & colours Christmas around the corner: original gifts & more

    Binging on a budget? We’ve got you covered. During a season where overdoing it seems to be the norm, we’re happy to take it down to a focused shopping spree. No more impulse buys and no more throwaway gifts. The only thing on your list will be a selection of sustainable gifts that will bring a smile to anyone’s face. And to help you out, we’re taking prices down, too.  Lastly, we’re hoping to inspire you with a dash of color.

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  • eco soft Very vintage, back to school & consciousness for little ones

    We love you! Do you love yourself too? If not, we are here to change that. Improved self-care and doing some responsible shopping will make you about twenty rainbow shades happier. We’d like to pay some attention to the little ones too: let’s have them start out the colder season with soft, eco-friendly accessories and clothing. Finally, we’ll fight the upcoming winter blues with 15% off storage items.

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  • Rainbow room Stripes & rainbows & summer style

    Summer’s almost here and we can’t wait! We’ll tell you more about our flip-flop adventure plans in a little bit – let’s start with stripes and rainbows that make for a fresh new look that lasts all summer.

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