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This shaving brush is not for nothing called Premium. The excellence is underscored by the beautifully painted wooden handle. Only the softest bristles came through the strict quality control. The brush gives the skin a gentle scrubbing. If you use the shaving brush for the first fifteen to twenty times, it may even have a characteristic smell . That smell will eventually disappear. The first fifteen to twenty times is anyway the time that requires each shaving brush to be ‘caught up’. If you use the brush a month long daily, you will notice how much better it is.

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Pig bristle shaving brush with high-quality 3-color high-gloss lacquered handle made of beech wood. The Semoque shaving brushes are produced daily in Portugal. This form is effective and has a massaging character. When the tips of these hairs split after some use, the so-called blaze occurs.

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