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Keeping both feet on the ground makes your life much easier. This basic design is an essential need for most people. Therefore we always try to keep things simple to deliver you the essential needs.

Material: runderleer
Size (metric): 25x7x20cm
Size (uk/us): 9,8” x 2,76″ x 7,9”

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Durable, strong and thick leather bag. The bag is handmade and -painted but has no inner pockets. Does it matter? Be honest, would you organize your cozy jumble?

This leather product is made by craftsmen, so every piece is signed with a unique ‘footprint’.
The elaborated ornaments are manually pressed or stamped in to the leather, hence again, differences between the products are unavoidable.
Please check all our leather crafts collections under the extra product info. tab.

Tip! Should the slippers become too wide: Immerse under water and then allow to dry well.
Please follow our guidelines how to use a leather product. You can find the information needed under the ‘extra info. tab’.

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