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This aftershave balm is the solution for anyone who suffers after shaving mild to high irritation or a burning sensation. The 444 is a gel on the basis of menthol which is directly illuminated your pain. You can use it as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with your favorite aftershave products. In all respects, the aftershave balm 444 is a cool product ! We provide the aftershave balm 444 in a pack containing 37 grams of gel.

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Tingling after a clean shave? 444 is a menthol based gel that puts the fire out! This gel has been cooling men’s faces for ages. It refreshes, hydrates and regenerates the skin after shaving. If you want that fresh feeling, this will do it!

Ingredients: menthol, glycerin, distilled water,carboxivinil resin, and disoproprilamin

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