peony anthracite crochet woolen rug

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With the Peony designs, the model is based on the quantity of the material used. For example: the crochet rugs and baskets are tightly knitted with little open spaces in between. Using more material often makes for a stronger, more durable product, but we mainly designed the product this way to counterbalance the more frivolous and open designs.

Material: 100% wool (new zealand & merino)



Beautiful crochet woolen rug. A mix of various pure wool. Lovely soft on your feet so ideal for next to your bed. So now it is easy to get our of your bed!

This crochet product is handmade. Because of fine craftmenship this piece is one of a kind and signed with a unique ‘footprint’ left by on of our craftsmen.
Remember! People are not machines. Due to manually elaborated ornaments differences between all our crafted products are unavoidable.
Please check all our crochet crafts under the extra product info. tab.

Pure wool! You will love this product! Please follow our guidelines how to wash it. You can find the information needed under the ‘extra info. tab’.

Please keep in mind this product has a size-tolerance of max. +/- 15%
Contact us when tolerance has exceeded.