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felpudo seashape pink woven cotton rug xxlarge


We’ve dedicated meticulous care to craft these sustainable felpudo seashape pink woven cotton rug for your home, ensuring they’re not just floor coverings but artistic narratives inspired by the ebb and flow of the sea. Dive into a spectrum of coastal hues, from the tranquil shades of light blue to the soothing tones of pink, as we invite you to bring the serene beauty of the seashore into your living space.

Material: recycled cotton

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This woven cotton rug made of recycled jearsy fabric is a classic beauty for your home. Terry cloth, the unsung hero of comfort, wraps you in a cocoon of softness and absorbency, turning mundane moments into luxurious experiences. With its looped texture and unparalleled absorbent nature, each touch becomes a sensory delight, making terry cloth not just a fabric but an indulgent embrace woven into the fabric of daily life.

Our recycled cotton for this collection has been carefully selected using the by-products of the fashion industry.
By upcycling, we use materials that would otherwise be thrown out, even though the quality of the fabric is still excellent.
Since we don’t dye our jerseys, we cannot guarantee that if we make two (or more), these will have the exact same shade. Again, uniqueness is our trademark and we’re proud of our collection! Just know that if you do order any piece of clothing, ordering two of them will make for two unique pieces of fashion instead of just one.

This woven product is handmade. Because of fine craftmenship this piece is one of a kind and signed with a unique ‘footprint’ left by on of our craftsmen.
Remember! People are not machines. Due to manually elaborated ornaments differences between all our crafted products are unavoidable.
Please check all our weavin crafts collections under the extra product info. tab.

This is a handmade product. Wash with care! To extend the product durability use the information given under the ‘extra info.’ tab.

Please keep in mind this product has a size-tolerance of max. +/- 15%
Contact us when tolerance has exceeded.

Our carpets and rugs are not fitted with anti-slip coating.
The woven rugs are manually made on traditional wooden frames.
The crochet rugs are handknitted. Be careful in using this product on slippery floors and us an anti-slip coating.
You can find anti-slip coating at you local DIY store.