peetypeety mushroom suede sheepfur babouche


Oooowwhhhh! How nice…how peetypeety small…soo soft soooo cozy!

Material: sheepfur

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This suede sheepfur babouche is a 100% ecological and natural product that is ideally suited to keep the little ones warm. The material feels soft, breathable and flexible and adapts to the body part that it encloses : head , feet or hands. Pure luxury and indulgence for naco kids!

This fur product is handmade. Because of fine craftmenship this piece is one of a kind and signed with a unique ‘footprint’ left by on of our craftsmen.
Remember! People are not machines. Due to manually elaborated ornaments differences between all our fur crafted products are unavoidable.
Please check all our fur crafts collections under the extra product info. tab.

Please follow our guidelines how to clean a fur product. You can find the information needed under the ‘extra info. tab’.

First measure your footlength and than find the appropriate shoe size.
The foot length is measured from your longest toe to the heel.
37 (9.37″): shoesize (footlength)

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