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The 444 is a soap or balm with natural minerals. It is composed of naturally derived and potassium alums. Alum is a salt compound which is used, inter alia, as an astringent for slices (such as when shaving). It binds to proteins of damaged skin and makes this contract, which stops the bleeding. Here you can even prevent inflammation around thanks to the antiseptic action of the alums. In addition, the product cools the skin and acts as a soothing balm. Dry your face after using a towel and wash the soap block with water. Drying then also on the block itself, so that none is lost from the salts.

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444 aftershave balm smoothes your face after a shave and is perfect for the menthol lover. It works well as a standalone product. The real deal, muito obrigado!

Ingredients: Agua, Glycerin, Alcohol Denat., Carbomer Menthol, Diisopropylamine

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