arab olive green crochet woolen bag


Arab is our first, our oldest, our finest and last but not least: our most classical design. The traditional pattern is a true eye catcher for everyone who is looking for more than just the regular.

Material: 100% wool (new zealand & merino)
Size (metric): 40x45cm
Size (uk/us): 1'3,8'' x 1'5,7''

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The wool of this crocheted woolen bag is abusive hooked and of super quality . The bag will last you a lifetime! Pay attention however, spots should be treated as soon as possible. This is particularly true for moisture stains because they otherwise will dry and deteriorate the wool.

This crochet product is handmade. Because of fine craftmenship this piece is one of a kind and signed with a unique ‘footprint’ left by on of our craftsmen.
Remember! People are not machines. Due to manually elaborated ornaments differences between all our crafted products are unavoidable.
Please check all our crochet crafts under the extra product info. tab.

Pure wool! You will love this product! Please follow our guidelines how to wash it. You can find the information needed under the ‘extra info. tab’.

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